CBBC & CBeebies

What did I do at CBBC & CBeebies?

I was the UX Design Lead working on children's games for CBBC and CBeebies. Overall responsibilities include design lead across popular CBBC and CBeebies games, daily communication with producers and external agencies, feedback on wireframes, storyboards, make games accessible and easy to play. Other responsibilities included investigating and developing the Games GEL guidelines, designing iconography, theming games for seasonal occasions and illustration work for the CBBC and CBeebies website.

2011 - 2013
CBBC & CBeebies
Hats Worn
• UX Lead • Illustration • Wireframing • Visual design • UX Research

I contributed to the development of the Games GEL guidelines

I worked with Will Storer (Snr. Designer ) in developing a common pattern framework for children’s games. The aim was to make games accessible and inclusive for users of all needs by ensuring that the user interface and interactions are consistent across all BBC games.

I’ve created documentation to helping designers and external game developers to create accessible and consistent games for the BBC.

Pages from the Games Gel documentation v1 created by Will Storer and Dario Ramalho.

Wizards vs Aliens

My Role

I was involved in the procurement process and in evaluating tenders.

I was the design lead overseeing the game UX by ensuring it was built according to the BBC Games GEL standards.

Game commissioned by the CBBC and developed by 4t2.

About the Game

"The aim of the game is to help young wizard Tom Clarke and his brainy best friend Benny defend planet Earth from alien enemies, the Nekross."

"Players must complete deadly assault courses designed by the aliens, and avoid being captured by the Nekross, to complete levels. With each level, players will face even more exciting hazards, obstacles and challenges."

My role was to provide feedback on designs and wireframes produced by 4t2 to ensure the game is accessible and the UI patterns are consistent with the BBC standards.


Deadly Planet: Mission Madagascar

My Role

I was the design lead overseeing the game UX. The role consisted on catching up weekly with the game producers and external game developers. I would feedback on wireframes, storyboards and on accessibility. Ultimately my role was to make the game inclusive and easy to play.

Game commissioned by the CBBC and developed by Aardman.

About the Game

"Mission Madagascar, an online platform adventure game where players must complete a series of missions, running, jumping, climbing and swinging their way through the mighty Madagascan environment, of mountains, jungles and caves hunting out it’s deadliest creatures."

Screenshots from the Mission Madagascar game, commissioned by CBBC, designed and developed by Aardman.

Go Jetters

My Role

I was the design lead tasked to oversee the game UX from it's onset. I was involved in the procurement process and in evaluating tenders. The role consisted on communicating with game producers and game developers to ensure the Games GEL patterns were being followed. I would provide feedback on wireframes, user flows, designs, game play, and would advocate for accessibility.

Game commissioned by the CBeebies and developed by Complete Control.

About the Game

"Traveling to earth four explores in search of adventure explore landmarks and discover funky facts, as you run, jump, roll and fly your way around the world!"

Screenshots from the Go Jetters game, commissioned by CBeebies, designed and developed by Complete Control.

CBBC & CBeebies Design Support

I was part of a team providing design support for short order requests from CBBC and CBeebies editorial teams. We had a maximum of two days to deliver design requests.

The work consisted on theming programme support pages, design page backdrops, create illustrations, create programmes' support artwork and other design tasks.

Screenshots of designs I created for CBBC and CBeebies Brand Support Pages