IPTV One Service Design

What did I on the One Service Design team?

UX Designer on the IPTV One Service Team Key responsibilities involved standardising the 10 core BBC design patterns across Connected Red Button, iPlayer, Sport and News. Communicating with designers across products to ensure designs are inline with the IPTV One Service Strategy. Prototyping complex user journeys and interactions using Flash and mainly Adobe Edge to work with 5-point navigation controls.

Jun - Sep 2013
Hats Worn
• Ideation • Wireframing • Visual design • Prototyping • Interaction Design


I've built several HTML5 prototypes to mock-up UI animations, and to help visualise how users would interact with the concepts using a remote control.

This prototype demonstrates how a user can open a collection of items highlighted by the presence of a Series Stack icon

Prototype: Use the keyboard arrow keys (← →) to control the prototype, navigate to the item "Call The Midwife" and hit the space bar.

Wireframes & Markup

Concept motion prototyped by me exploring how collection of items expands.
Motion concept created in HTML5 exploring how users could access series episodes from the playback screen.

I created documentation to help standardise One Service IPTV Signature Patterns across iPlayer, Sport and BBC News.